Commercial Truck Financing

If you’re exploring financing options for the purchase of a commercial truck, keep in mind that your credit score will largely determine whether you receive favorable loan terms. If you purchase a commercial truck with a high interest loan, monthly payments may be – or become – unmanageable over the life of your loan.

To determine how much commercial truck you can truly afford, use our loan calculator and find out. With our loan calculator you can plug in a variety of figures until you determine the combination that best meets your commercial truck loan needs. Are you interested in no money down? A commercial truck loan with a low interest rate? Do you have a purchase price in mind? What about a monthly payment? Our loan calculator can help you evaluate your financing options.

If you’ve already purchased a commercial truck and are looking to save money, loan refinancing is an option. Many people who are falling behind on their commercial truck payments choose refinancing to avoid repossession. But you don’t have to be struggling financially to take advantage of the benefits that loan refinancing offers. If you’re simply looking to have more cash on hand, refinancing your commercial truck loan is worth pursuing.

With loan refinancing, monthly savings, as well as savings over the lifetime of your loan, are achieved in two ways - through interest rate reduction and term extension. For example, no matter what your current interest rate on your commercial truck, you’ll achieve savings if your interest rate is lowered. With term extension, if you currently have 5 years to pay your commercial truck loan, and the length of time is increased to 6 years, because you’ll have more time to pay off your debt, each monthly payment will be less.

For the past 15 years, Auto Relief Group has acted as an advocate for consumers. Due to the current economic climate, we’ve rededicated ourselves to helping people stay afloat who are most in need – those at risk of car or truck repossession. Auto Relief Group works directly with lenders to modify loans or leases, helping consumers achieve monthly savings through interest rate reduction or term extension.